Car & Motorcycle Accidents

Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

After an accident, knowing what to do is important. Take any accident seriously. File a police report, and seek medical help or go to the hospital. Adrenaline can block your pain in an accident and making sure your injuries are treated is important. Roadway accidents often have devastating results. Whether you are involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, have been involved in a multi-car incident, or you were a passenger in a car involved in an accident, your injuries could be serious.

Even a minor car accident can mean an injury that takes time to recover. Whiplash, broken bones, and head or neck injuries can take weeks of recovery time, during which you may be unable to work. During this time, you have mounting medical bills, ordinary expenses, and bills for treatment of your injuries.

You do not have to suffer the financial burden of these added expenses and the loss of income, you can hold the responsible party accountable for those losses. Oklahoma law allows you two years to file a personal injury claim, and the sooner you get started, the better.

Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing, frustrating, and even intimidating. While insurance companies are required to cover claims, they are often more interested in protecting their bottom line than doing what is best for you. Settling a case quickly will save them money, but oftentimes a quick settlement means that the amount you receive won’t even cover the costs associated with your accident.

Whether you were a driver or passenger in a car, were operating a motorcycle or a bicycle, or you have a loved one who was involved in an accident and suffered an injury, we can help. Contact the law office of Mikel Flores & Associates, P.C. immediately for help. You will work directly with an attorney who will review your case, explain your options, and serve as a zealous advocate on your behalf should you chose to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit.