Why I became a lawyer, 24 years ago

I grew up in rural America where your word was your bond and your actions spoke louder than words. As the son of a small town physician I learned by example, from an early age, that as a professional one must always serve your community. I realized how patients sought out my Dad for treatment of ailments big and small and quickly saw his compassion and dedication. When I decided my calling in life would be the study of law and advocating for others it not only became my profession it became my passion.

Each client’s case and circumstances are unique and special to them, and no one else. I like to think our individualized service to each client is tailored in a way to meet the needs and goals for that particular client. In every new client consult I always advise the client that, “I work for YOU”, I can advise what you should and shouldn’t do but ultimately any decisions made will be that of a client, with counsel’s recommendation.

I get chided by colleagues at times for always wearing a suit, everyday. My response has generally been, that growing up in rural America I learned at an early age that your Dr. always wore a white coat, your hometown banker dressed accordingly and your lawyer always wore a suit, period. If a professional in my hometown didn’t meet the above criteria you sought out those that did.
When I walked out of the Oklahoma Bar Associations swearing in ceremony at St. Lukes United Methodist Church on the afternoon of September 29th, 1994 I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Oklahoma and serve my community as a member of the Bar. I’ve not wavered from that commitment since that afternoon in the Fall of 94.

I literally hung my shingle that afternoon and started representing, assisting and advocating for the citizens of our state. Over the years we’ve expanded our representation of clients from California to Florida and everywhere in between.
We like to say we are a full service law firm based in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma that concentrates our practice in the areas of Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Injuries to Children, Truck/Tractor Trailer, Car and Motorcycle accidents and Insurance Bad Faith but we also do so much more.

We’re a firm that advocates for those without a voice and for those who’ve lost hope. One of life’s worst tragedy’s is to be without hope, and once a person has lost hope it’s difficult to regain it and get back on track. Our success in restoring hope in the mind’s of those who’ve “lost hope” feeds our passion for continuing to do what we do best.
If you’ve got a case or even just a question regarding a legal issue please feel free to call us. If we don’t have the immediate answer we can at least find someone who may or point you in the right direction.

YOU are part of my community.

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